Monday, May 25, 2009

Pure Refined Bodies in the days of Moshiach

The subject of the revival of the dead is, as known, that it comes after the days of Moshiach. Even though in the days of Moshiach the bodies will be refined and completely purified from their materiality because the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will be completely refined then, as it states "I will remove the spirit of impurity from the world". Also, about animals and beasts it states "the wolf shall dwell with the lamb" "the cow and the bear", which means the 7 evil traits that fell in shviras hakeilim (the primordial shattering of the vessels) will be refined from all...nonetheless they will be in physical bodies born from a mother and father through physical desire, only that there won't be in them any evil, etc.

Maamorim Mitteler Rebbe, Vaikra II p.685

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