Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bodies of the Future (Part III)

There will be a final purification of the body, that it will be refined from physicality and from its nature entirely. At the resurrection of the Dead the souls will rise in bodies, that those bodies will also be physical but not from being born from a father and mother, but rather from the dew of resurrection, which means He will cover them with skin and flesh, like the bones that Yechezkiel revived, as is known that from the bones of the body of the present era, there remains only the Luz bone, which is in the back of the neck where the knot of the tefillin goes. The Luz bone will be the beginning of the building of the future body, as it states in Likutei Torah of the Arizal, parshas Bereishis, which means that there won't be a body from a physical mother and father, even though there will be a physical body it will be brought into being by the Holy One, bleseed be He, via the dew of resurrection, Tala d'Atika. And being that the body of the resurrection will be from the Holy One, blessed be He, via the dew of Resurrection, thus tey will be completely holy and pure bodies, like the body of Adam Harishon, who was the formation of G-d's hands, that his body was holy from the Supernal Holiness (kodesh elyon), and his heel made the sun dark, that his body was completely refined and pure like light, and he made the light of the sun appear dark, meaning that his body and soul were similar to each other.

Sefer Hamaamorim 5711 (Rebbe Rayatz) p.207

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